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Sign by Sign


First of a series of guides:
☞  Amsterdam Sign by Sign
☞  Kopenhagen Sign by Sign

London Sign by Sign is a special interest guide to London’s handwritten and gilded signs - both, historical and contemporary.

»London Sign by Sign« is the first of a series of city guides exploring signwriting in different cities. This guide enables its readers to discover old and contemporary signage alongside beautiful curated routes through the capitals of signwriting, packed with background information on the signs themselves, the craft and their makers.

For field-questions the »Resources« chapter comes in handy, packed with terminology and their meaning.

A chapter packed with interviews conducted with London signwriters sums up the oeuvre. This is one of the most loved chapters by readers since it allows to somehow connect with the makers and getting to know them a little.


Fun facts:
☞  walked more than 60km in three days
☞  around 1500 pictures taken
☞  around 300 made it into the book

Nearly all of the pictures in this guide were taken exclusively for this project on a three-day trip during the semestre.

For the typography not to be distorted (which can be quite hard as most of the signs are overhead) the images are all straightened and, if possible, taken from a higher point of view.

The above images are a handful of selected photos, all edited in a consistent colourgrading, creating a harmonious look and feel all over the book. For more pictures click here.

Whilst working on this project, a whole identity was developed, ranging from typography, layout principles, visual rhythm and a colour scheme as well as visual imagery.

Of course the guide needed a cover.
I created a lettering leaving in the guide lines, as if the cover was itself a sign in progress of tis production.

It’s a good sign.

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